Thursday, 5 May 2011


I have a massive love for Guerlain, I just love their pots and  packaging and the fragrances of their powders, they are so beautiful and elegant and one of my favourites is the the Guerlain Meteorites Pearls.  I found these last year and still can't get enough of them!

They are light reflecting and a fantastic silky powder over any tinted moisturiser or foundation you have on your skin.
Each of the pearls has its own properties pink gives a glorious warm glow; green diminishes high colour or redness; mauve attracts the light; white lightens; gold and silver create sparkle and highlights, subtle reflections, great for highlighting and making the skin look amazing in all kinds of light.

- try for yourself, you will fall in love!

Some more amazing Guerlain products from their Terracotta range just in time for bronzing yourself up for the summer, making you feel and look irresistable!


This is Guerlains' amazing new formulated 2011 Bronzer.  The Terracotta collection has been running impressively since 1984 and is a finishing accessory for any make up bag!

Terracotta 2011 has just been recased into this beautiful casing which you would be proud to have in your make up bag.  It’s as round as the sun, as smooth as a pebble and flatTerracotta now comes in 8 different bronze shades to suit all skin tones.
enough to fit inside a clutch or small bag. Its amber and fire reflections make it a real jewel that you will want as your own at first glance.

I love this on my skin, its silky texture glides on and makes me feel sunkissed with just a swirl of a brush. 
The fragrance within the bronzer is subtle but smells fabulous, almost good enough to eat with notes of vanilla, bergamot and mandarin
So in this sun aware world why not switch to the amazing bronzing power of the terracotta range!
£33.00 available nationwide from


I love the feeling of this on my skin it soft, smooth and feels like a second skin ( which is exactly what a foundation should feel like and look like!)  It feels like it just melts into the skin...ooohh ahhhh!
This is Guerlains' first hybrid foundation which creates that flawless look with the subtlety of a powder.  Its dreamy healthy glow with the envy of all you friends.

It perfects, corrects and evens out the skin, while illuminating it with a subtle glow.
As correcting as a foundation, it blurs imperfections, smoothes out fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores. All this while providing the light, glowing coverage of a Terracotta powder.  It is made up with a blend of
powders, waxes and volatile oils combined with an elastomer gel. It glides on perfectly when applied, stretching endlessly and transforming under the fingertips to become an incredibly fine correcting and transparent veil. 
It comes in 2 shades 01 blondes and 02 brunettes

£33.00 available nationwide from


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