Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lovely Lovely Japonesque!

I love Japonesque Palettes.......


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Check out these little beauties a complete must have for your kit!  They are light, compact and hold all your favourite lip shades and foundations.

I have used Japonesque palettes for the last few years and thought I would blog about them because they are one of my favourite palettes.
For all you out there who hate carrying around all your lippies and want to make your life easier then definitely invest in a couple of these - you just have to simply scoop or slice your favs into the palette.
You can colour code your palettes,  and also if you have creamy concealers then you can build your own foundation and concealer palette.
They will need a clean every so often because the divider sits on your lipsticks but apart from that are amazing!

You can get them in a quite a few places starting from just £9:

Also be sure to ask about pro make up artist discounts as these websites have great products to start building up your kit.
Happy Shopping!!!

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